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  1. Heilende Beschwörung
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The Devil's Own Mantra. Austrian composer and musicologist, 21 October - 9 November Clear copyright with Verlag Doblinger, Vienna, Munich.

Heilende Beschwörung

Airmen from the U. Air Force and their French counterparts, along with civilians from both countries, during the ceremony to honor the men who served and the sacrifices of the 68 American airmen who died fighting for the French in World War I. The memorial highl Aichi, Japan.

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Woman lying on the sand in the desert, she has horns on her head. Old magic book with glowing zodiac symbols. The Incantation scene on the Rug; bless journey. Illustrative image of hypnotized businessman's eyes with dollar sings representing greed Snake show in Thailand Kyoto, Japan. Incantation Hiroyuki Uchida Horse Racing: Magical ingredients on the table, four tubes with steam coming up Skull South Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town, the Township of Langa, sunday mass accompanied by Gospel singing Woman with horns on her head lying on the sand in the desert.

Lab bottle with haunted castle silhouette. Wizard workplace with smoke and magical equipment. Dark conceptual still life. The Incantation; heathen ceremony.

Knife cut ground old print Tablet, Lamella, with an Incantation against Epilepsy; 3rd century; Gold; 4. The name for the horse's trauma, which occurs in the titles, is Norwegian: From Bishop Bang's collection, the following is a list of specific formulas discussed as parallels in scholarly literature:.

It might be pointed out that none of the charms in Bang's chapter "Odin og Folebenet" actually invokes Odin. Another strikingly similar "horse cure" incantation is a 20th-century sample that hails the name of the ancient 11th-century Norwegian king Olaf II of Norway. Several Swedish analogues were given by Sophus Bugge and by Viktor Rydberg in writings published around the same time The following 17th-century spell was noted as a parallel to the Merseburg horse charm by both of them: Nicolson , Myth and Religion , p.

Another example from Kungelf's Dombok, was originally printed by Arcadius: Rydberg, after Arcadius, ? A very salient example, though contemporary to Bugge's time, is one that invokes Odin's name: A Danish parallel noted by A. Jesus op ad Bierget red; der vred han sin Fod af Led. Saa satte han sig ned at signe. Jesus up the mountain did ride; sprained his foot in the joint. He sat down for a blessing, and so said he: I bless tendon to tendon vein to vein, flesh to flesh, and blood to blood! So he set his hand down on the ground below, and bonded were his joints together!

In the Name, etc. Grimm also exemplified a Scottish charm for people, not horses as a salient remnant of the Merseburg type of charm.


The practice involved tying a "wresting thread" of black wool with nine knots around the sprained leg of a person, and in an inaudible voice pronouncing the following:. Chaidh Criosda mach Sa' mhaduinn moich 'S fhuair e casan nan each, Air am bristeadh mu seach. Christ went forth In the early morn And found the horses' legs Broken across. He put bone to bone. Sinew to sinew, Flesh to flesh. Bride as a "he" rather than "she", plus additional examples suffering from corrupted text.

There have been repeated suggestions that healing formula of the Second Merseburg Charm may well have deep Indo-European roots.

A parallel has been drawn between this charm and an example in Vedic literature , an incantation from the 2nd millennium BCE found in the Atharvaveda , hymn IV, Grower Rohani [n 9] art thou, grower, grower of severed bone; make this grow. What of thee is torn, what of thee is inflamed?

Incantation Stock Photos & Incantation Stock Images - Alamy

Let thy marrow come together with marrow, and thy joint together with joint; together let what of your flesh has fallen apart, together let thy bone grow over. Let marrow be put together with marrow; let skin grow with skin; let thy blood, bone grow; let flesh grow with flesh. Fit thou together hair with hair; fit together skin with skin; let thy blood, bone grow; put together what is severed, O herb From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This is discussed by Rydberg as "Leifner's or Leifin's fire", and connected by him to Dietrich von Bern 's fire-breath that can release the heroes from their chains Rydobrg, Viktor Grimm says it corresponds to German: The century dating conflicts with Grimm and Bang's attribution.

Merseburg charms

Peter's horse got vre eller skre the italics he footnotes as meaning "mishandled or slipped". Lincoln , p. Galeria Spectrum Sotos, Zaragoza Welche Landschaft wollen wir? Kunstforum, Edition , Oktober - Dezember , S. In addition to my involvement in research, I also documented the collection of the Natural History Museum Berlin , resulting in a series of large format photographs. In addition I was commissioned to design the exhibition, which included site specific furniture and working closely with architects to supervise the production and installation of the exhibition.

An exhibition combining all research results at the Museum for Natural History 2. April , accompanied by a page publication Wunderforschung, Museum for Natural History, Berlin , edited by C.